Frank Freeman

Graduated from School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, Bachelor of Arts in Photography. Also exchanged to China Central Academic of Fine Arts, studied Experimental Arts in Photography.

" Taking human beings as the essential " is the philosophy of Frank's photography. He values the relationship established from between the photographic process in order to obtain the stories and histories within, as if through the act of photography to open a window to other individual's lives .

His Final Year Project " The Purest People “ in 2015 had the roving exhibition at Hong Kong Cultural Centre , Wanchai C.C Wu Building, and Taikoo Place. Interviewed and reported on CNN, RTHK, NOW TV, DBC, Time Out Hong Kong, Coconuts Hong Kong, HKEJ, Hong Kong Economics, Apple News, Takungpao, Oriental Press, Next Weekly ,PMM Media, China Daily etc.

He was inspired by the local student’s perspective while having the study in Beijing, thinks that every visual artist should have their own color language. Which also drive him to develop his long term photography project " The Evening Blue” which also had the exhibition in 2015 March to May in Espuma Gallery in Hong Kong. 





其畢業作品“最純的人” 於2015期間在多個地方作巡迴展覽,分別有香港文化中心,集成中心, 太古坊,香港教育局,伊利沙伯醫院。 並獲多個媒體報道,包括香港電台,蘋果新聞,經濟日報,信報,大公報,東方日報, 壹週刊,拾方傳媒,青年空間,立場新聞 CNN, NOW TV , DBC, Radio , Time Out HongKong, Coconuts Hong Kong, China Daily, PMM Media, HKFP 等。

於央美的半年,當地學生對顏色的不同見解啟發了他,認為一個視覺藝術家應該有一套自己的顏色語言,啟發了他展開個人長期拍攝計劃「暮藍」。該計劃於香港中環Espuma Gallery 作為期二個月展覧(三月至五月2015 )。


2011 Associated Degree ofArts in Media and Technology, City University of Hong Kong

2014 Exchange to China Central Academic of Fine Arts ( Jan- June )

2014 Bachelor of Arts in Photography , School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong


2011 June - Display Mode, School of Creative Media, University of Hong Kong. ( Group )

2013 September - Tens of Photography Works ( Group )

2014 July - The SCM Annual Show ( Group )

2015 Jan- The Purest People -First half @ Hong Kong Cultural Centre( Solo )

2015 March - The Purest People - Second half @ C.C Wu Building WanChai ( Solo )

2015 March The Evening Blue - First 10. @ Espuma, Central. ( Solo )

2015 April - The Purest People - Full Set @ Linkbridge, Lincoln House, Taikoo Place ( Solo )

2015 April to May - The Purest People - Full Set @ CRC Gallery Hong Kong ( Solo )

2015 1st June to 30th June - The Purest People - Full Set @ Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Lobby ( Solo )

2016 18th -23th Aug - I am from Hong Kong @ Comix Home Base ( Group )  

Photography Workshops

For : Hong Kong University Alumni Association :

2013, Mar. Portrait Photography Workshop

2013, Jun. Street Photography Workshop
2013, Sept. Backlighting Portrait Photography Workshop

2013, Dec. Landscape Photography Workshop

For Intel Semiconductor Ltd. :

2013, Nov. Portrait Photography Workshop

For Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association :

2015 March " The Purest Eyes " workshop

For City University of Hong Kong Alumni Association:

2017 Jan Feature Photography

2017 Jan Portrait Photography

2017 Jan Black and White Photography 


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