Hi everyone,

I am in collaboration with a local NGO, The Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association. We are curating three charity photo exhibitions, with the aim to raise public awareness of people with Down Syndrome. 

The Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association is devoted to improving the quality of life of people with Down Syndrome and other disabilities and their families. They also encourage people with disabilities to achieve their fullest potential and maximise the opportunity to understand every aspect of their lives, ensuring rights and opportunities within a supportive environment.

Being a volunteer with the association for over 3 years now, it’s definite that the association is doing a very important role in helping people with Down Syndrome as well as their families. I’d like to help support the association by selling my photo prints to the public, with all the profits to be donated in support of The Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association.

Pick one you like and bring it home by clicking “info” at the bottom right corner of each photo.

To order, please contact : 

Frank fungchan.com@gmail.com   + 852 9497 7328  

Ms. Karen Tse, Fund Raising & Public Relations Officer of the HKDSA   karen.tse@hk-dsa.org.hk  + 852 3427 8748

Do donate directly to The Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association: http://donation.hk-dsa.org.hk/donation.asp

Exhibition details - http://www.fungchan.com/news

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